Active Listening

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How to listen actively

How to listen more actively


Press start when you are ready to begin listening.


As you are listening, tap the image when you catch yourself in your head.


Immediately, let your thought go and resume listening.


Try to stay focused, but keep tapping the image every time you become distracted by your thoughts.


After the audio finishes, click ‘Try again’ to practice listening to a different person’s story.

Struggling to do the exercise?

If you’re getting distracted by your thoughts, take a few seconds to observe what you’re thinking. It can be helpful to name the thought to yourself e.g. “I’m thinking about what to say next”.

Often giving a few seconds of your attention to your thoughts is all that is needed to let them go. You can always ask someone to repeat what they said if you didn’t hear it.

What is Active Listening?

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