Muscle Relaxation

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How to practice muscle relaxation

How to relax your muscles


Press ‘start’.


Close one hand into a fist and tense it to ¾ of your full strength.


Hold the tension and pay attention to how the muscles in your hand feel.


Now relax your hand, allowing your fingers to uncurl and rest until you can no longer feel any tension.


Now close both your hands into fists, tensing to ¾ of your strength again.


Hold the tension and pay attention to how the muscles in your hand feel.


Now relax both your hands and keep releasing the tension as much as you possibly can. Notice the sensations of relaxation.


Repeat the exercise for your shoulders and jaw.


Click ‘Finish’ when you’re ready to finish.

Struggling to do the exercise?

If you’re struggling to do the exercise, take the time to really feel the different muscles in one hand when you tense it. Then do the same when you relax. Notice the difference and how both levels of tension and relaxation make you feel.

What is Muscle Relaxation?

Do you tense up when you feel anxious or stressed? Do you clench your jaw or your fists when you’re under pressure? Muscle tension is the body’s physical response to distress, and in reverse, relaxing your muscles can help relieve distress.

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