Building Self-Worth

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How to use this tool

How to build self worth


1. Press the ‘Start’ button.


2. Select the type of activity you want to do from the card deck. There are three to choose from: energetic, reflective, and inspirational.


3. A random card from your chosen deck will display for you.


4. If you want a different activity, you can try out the card deck again.

Struggling to do the exercise?

Building Self-Worth is a tool of suggestions on what you can do or think, but not everything will suit everyone. Give the card deck a few tries to get an idea of what’s there. You may start to figure out your preference. You can also try something to calm down before using Building Self-Worth, such as the Deep Breathing tool.

What is self-worth?

Self-worth is about seeing yourself as valued just for being you. The tool gives you a random activity to try to get a little boost when you’re anxious, or want some inspiration to reflect on and get in a better frame of mind when you’re feeling low.

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