Supporting Others

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How to use this tool

How to support others


1. Choose 1-3 changes you’ve noticed in someone you’re supporting or in the way you’re responding to them.


2. Get suggestions on what you can do in your chosen situation(s).


3. Press ‘try again’ if you want to see what you can do in different situations.

Struggling to do this exercise?

Sometimes you might realise that you’re not the right person to respond at a specific point. This is fine. Understand your role in the person’s support system and don’t breach that. It takes a while to build trust in a sensitive situation and sometimes a person needs space to think about what’s happening in their life.

What is Supporting Others?

Supporting Others is a tool that gets you started on helping someone going through a difficult time. It gives you helpful tips based on what the person you’re supporting is doing, saying, or how you’re responding to them.

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